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Discover Zion Lodge, which displays some of the finest National Park Service Rustic-style architecture in the country.

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Zion Lodge, a member of Historic Hotels of America since 2012, dates back to 1924.


Zion Lodge was constructed during the “Roaring Twenties,” in which flappers, the radio, and the Art Deco movement defined the age.

Located in the heart of Zion National Park, the Zion Lodge came about by means of a compromise struck between the Union Pacific Railroad and the National Park Service. Similar to other railroads from the period, the Union Pacific desired to construct hotels along its various routes in order to attract customers for its passenger trains. Among the railways that it wanted highlight were those that traveled into southwest Utah. The Union Pacific managed to broker a deal with the National Park Service that allowed for them to build a hotel in Zion National Park. Yet, construction did not commence right away, as the two sides could not agree on the size of the building. The Union Pacific Railway strongly advocated for the creation of a massive structure, while the Director of the National Park Service, Stephen Mather, insisted that it be much smaller in scale. The two subsequently settled on a building that would have a medium frame.

Ground finally broke in 1923. The Union Pacific Railroad chose architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood to design the new structure. He was a comfortable choice as he had already created a number of other buildings for the railroad in the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Unlike most of his other designs though, Underwood decided to make the lodge appear rustic and humble. As such, he used a variety of untreated natural logs to construct the building. When the Zion Lodge finally opened a couple years later, it stood as a brilliant example of National Park Service Rustic architecture. Today, Zion Lodge is one of the best places in the region to explore the natural beauty of Zion National Park.

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