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When should I visit?
Yucatán’s high season begins around December 20 and continues through Easter. Low season, when average prices are lower, starts the day after Easter and continues through mid-December.

What’s the weather like?
Weather around the state is generally warm and humid with temperatures averaging 80˚F. The state’s dry season runs from February to April, with the rainy season stretching from May to January. Winter nights tend to be cool, but days can be warm and humid year-round. Temperatures peak in April and May when they sometimes break 100˚F.

What should I pack?
Predictable weather, as well a casual and accepting style of dress, make it easy to pack for a trip to Yucatán. Check forecasts before going and bring something for cool nights. If you plan on visiting fine dining restaurants, inquire about dress code — some require men to wear pants, collared shirts, and dress shoes.

What are the Visa requirements?
Although U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico are not required to have a Visa to enter Mexico as tourists, a Mexican-government tourist permit is required, which is easily obtained on arrival.

What kind of currency do I need?
In 2010, the Mexican government restricted the use of U.S. dollars in cash across Mexico. Though many places that deal with tourists still accept dollars, banks and foreign exchange houses give better conversion rates.

What are my payment options?
Cash is universally accepted, with ATMs available in cities and at many tourist sites. Credit cards may be used, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to charge most hotel, restaurant, and store purchases.

Will I my hotel have Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is common in Yucatán accommodations and is also available in some cafes, bars, airports and city plazas.

Can I use my phone there?
Many U.S. and Canadian cell carriers offer roaming deals in Mexico. If your phone is unlocked for international use, buying a Mexican SIM card for your phone is a cheaper option. You can also buy a new, no-frills Mexican cell phone with some call credit for around 300 pesos (about $16 USD).

Where are the tourist information centers?
Most places of interest to tourists in the Yucatan have a tourist office. The following sites are helpful before you go: The Mexico Tourism Board is an excellent source for general information about the country, the Secretary of Tourism Promotion of Yucatán focuses on the state and the Official Site of the Merida Tourism Office covers the capital city of Yucatán.

What are my options for getting around the Yucatán?
Renting a car is a convenient way to get around the Yucatán. Roads are serviceable, with speeds generally slower than north of the border. Prices start around 600 pesos (about $30 USD) per day, including basic insurance. Mexico's efficient, comfortable and reasonably priced bus network is also an option. Fares run about one peso per kilometer on first class buses with speeds averaging around 45/mph.

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