Fossheim Turisthotell

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A hidden gem snuggled underneath the towering snow peaks of Lom, Fossheim Turisthotell is a charming historic destination that proudly promotes its rich cultural heritage. Originally opened in 1897, the hotel has been family owned and operated for three generations. The current owners, Svein Garmo and his daughters, offer a genuine Norwegian experience that focuses on providing delicious regional cuisine and an active outdoor lifestyle. While secluded, Lom is a breathtaking town that possesses its own amazing history. This gorgeous bucolic community yields stunning views of the surrounding countryside that guests will find to be nothing short of spectacular. Both the Fossheim Turisthotell and Lom are also located near the beginning of the world-renowned Jotunheimen National Park, where a myriad of outdoor activities await. Visitors to the park can experience such exhilarating experiences as rafting, hiking, and cross-country skiing. The tallest mountain in Northern Europe—the Galdhøpiggen—resides within Jotunheimen National Park too, which has been a popular attraction among tourists for decades.

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Explore Jotunheimen National Park, which is one of Norway's most celebrated regions for outdoor enthusiasts.


Discover the Arts & Crafts architectural style of the Fossheim Turisthotell


Explore the Nidaros Cathedral (Nidaros Domkirke) in Trondheim.


Experience the Kristiansten Festning in Trondheim.


Taste some delicious Norwegian sweets at Fossheim Turisthotell.

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