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Greyfield Inn

    Greyfield Inn
 in Cumberland Island


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  • Amazing Place!

    by ATLGA001 on 2018-09-19 08:23 am

    We spent a long weekend at the Greyfield Inn. It is a one-of-a-kind place that should be on every bucket list. Cumberland Island is a barrier island with all of the oaks and other beauty possible. The beach is completely empty and 21 miles long. There are only two places to stay - you can camp or stay at the Inn - and the inn has a capacity of only 30 or so. It is where you go to rest, lie and walk on the beach, eat great food (the dinners are as good as the best restaurants), drink good wine (they have a super sommelier who also makes killer cocktails), and meet new people (you eat at large tables). There is wonderful service, but it is not, and you would not want it to be, the Cloisters or the Ritz. I would avoid the hottest days of the summer (over 90) or the coldest part of January/February, but otherwise anytime is great time to go there.

  • Understated elegance!

    by pattysmith19670 on 2018-06-18 11:00 am

    Cumberland Island is maybe my favorite place on earth. The understated elegance of the Greyfield Inn is something I've never experienced anywhere else. Staying at the Inn is a completely unique experience This is an all-inclusive inn because there are no restaurants or stores on the island. The breakfast and dinners are amazing. When you're ready for lunch, you just pick up the picnic basket with your name on it, grab some bicycles and have a delicious picnic. I consider myself very lucky that I was able to stay here!

  • A Must on Your Bucket List!

    by junieb1260 on 2018-06-13 10:12 am

    Wow! Where do I begin? My sister and I take an annual sister trip each year. Over the years, we have traveled to many places across the US. The Greyfield delivers a great stay for many reasons. The beauty of Cumberland Island itself is worth a visit. Unspoiled land that stretches across beaches, marshlands and lush trees and vegetation. There is so much history to be learned here. We stayed in the Marsh room upstairs. It was comfortable, clean and quiet. All of our meals were first rate. During our visit, we had halibut one evening and a skirt steak the next. Meals are served in 3 courses with an excellent appetizer, main course and dessert. Although we did not do the wine pairings each evening, many of the other people at our table did and said that were exceptional. Staff members are very friendly, helpful, but nonintrusive, which is appreciated. I loved the ability to walk into the kitchen for fresh lemonade, wonderful ice tea, fresh baked cookies, as well as other goodies. The naturalist tours are excellent. Christine, our guide was extremely knowledgeable about everything! From the porch bed swings to the food, beach, adventures and everything in between, this was a trip to remember. Well worth the expense for an opportunity to experience it.

  • I have LOTS more respect for bad reviews now!

    by eud0ra on 2018-06-03 02:23 am

    I used to just look at the large number of positive reviews a place had gotten, and confidently go for it...but after our trip to Greyfield I'll start reading the negatives. Before, I barely noticed them, and when I did I just wondered why those people were so picky. Turns out though, they made some good points.

    What Greyfield does have going for it is a historic home in a dramatic, beautiful environment. The trees. The beach. The garden. The old house with its antiques and paintings.

    What it doesn't have is the kind of concern for the guest's comfort that you might expect for the price.

    It's the attention to guest details that makes an expensive place worth it.

    Like, when I stay at a hotel, the 'do not disturb' sign hangs on the door the entire stay. No housekeeping visits, so it's more like home. I requested this from the Greyfield rep at reservations, and she refused. She refused. Claimed it was 'safety issues.' That's kind of a bad answer from a place that doesn't even give their guests locking doors with keys.

    So I showed up and decided, for 'safety', to use the little safe that sat on the closet floor. Just for a laugh I guess, the inn had bought boxes with heavy lids that wait 3 seconds then shut on your hand while you load it. I tested it several times, and yep, it did it every time. Not a great start. And of course they hadn't thought to give it a fresh battery lately, so after a day and a half it stopped taking my passcode. Guess I'll delay that beach walk and wait for someone to come carry the stupid safe and take it to the safe person. Took a while, too.

    The bad reviews I read afterward kept mentioning the food quality. But I would have thought, no, that can't be. Since they were high-priced and they INTENSELY promote their chef in their advertising, it would have to be all great. Nope! How can a kitchen operating on an island overcook fish? And it happened more than once! Luckily the desserts were good, and so was the coffee. But really...dry fish dinner course? We're out in the ocean here, not at a midwest Red Lobster!

    Then there's the lunch picnic basket. A sandwich. Some chips. A cookie. Just like you'd grab at home. For cheap.

    Some reviews also mentioned how unbelievably tough this place would be on a person with any kind of physical disability.
    I don't have a handicapped parking tag or anything, but it was really noticable. I guess in the effort to keep everything antique, they've stayed back in the time before people bothered to think about that. I stayed in the Dungeness room, and that bed was so high...I'm guessing about 39 inches off the floor....that the inn had placed this slippery wooden stairstep thing on one side. So I guess my 'disability' was being 'not tall.' The super deep clawfoot bathtub was challenging too. Attention, old people and short people, this will not be a comfortable experience.

    About that 'tour with a naturalist/historian'.... I was really excited about that. But it was done by a guy who basically had a script about that little church at the north end of the island, and that's pretty much it. I had to wait till later to figure out why the Cumberland south end forest is giant oak trees and the north end is scrubby pine trees. That was too hard for him, I guess. But hey, since one time rich celebrities got married in that church, he had that part down.
    Yeah, the celebrity connection, with the rich Carnegies and the rich Kennedys. That's a BIG part of the promotional perfume that Greyfield is blowing at future customers.

    And people problems. Because you have to eat breakfast and dinner with other guests. Maybe I'm stereotyping, but how is it I kept sitting next to older retired professional men who think they have the correct opinions on everything? Is it because that's who's likely to afford this place?

    Also HA, I picked a top floor room thinking it would be quieter. All I can say is, beware the latenight firepit song fest. The pit was right down below my window. A guy. His friends. A guitar. Pop hits of the nineties, for two hours. They were not good at any of it. They even did Nickleback.

    And finally, for the closer on our vacation, this. Greyfield ejects guests from their rooms at 11am on the last day. But their boat doesn't leave till 4 hours later! What were they thinking with that?! So there you are, ex Greyfield guest, with another damn sandwich basket (which costs extra!) looking for somewhere to sit cause a huge incoming tour-bus-sized group is now dominating all areas.

    I have to say, the beauty of the place made my camera happy. That part was wonderful.
    But REALLY, it's the attention to guest details that makes an expensive place worth it.

    Owner Response
    Hi Eudora,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this review and share your concerns with us. We are very sorry to hear that your trip to Greyfield Inn did not meet your expectations. We take great pride in providing the most exceptional hospitality experience to each of our guests.

    We have noted your feedback about the safes and the step stools and will work on amending these issues. Additionally, we've spoken to our staff regarding your culinary and naturalists experiences. Our team is always looking for ways to improve and grow.

    In regards to the "do not disturb" sign, we are happy to, with a few exceptions, honor any guest request to forego room service and respect the privacy of all guests. However, because Greyfield is an old home in a fairly isolated environment, it has unique liability and safety concerns. Our policy is that someone on staff needs to peek into the room at least once a day. We apologize if this was not fully explained prior to your arrival.

    Our check-in and check-out times are standard among hotels, and all laid out ahead of time during the reservation process and in our confirmation letter. For those who take the afternoon ferry, we try to do our best to be gracious and make sure all guests have what they need during those few hours (access to luggage, extra shower facilities, food and drink, etc.). We apologize if you felt frustrated by that experience, and appreciate your thoughts.

    As for your other concerns, we would be happy to address each one individually if you would like to call the Greyfield office at 904-261-6408.

    Again, thank you for the feedback.


    Team Greyfield

    Mary F, Owner at Greyfield Inn, responded to this review

  • First visit, but definitely not my last!

    by Gigi3567 on 2018-06-02 04:42 pm

    What a wonderful visit to Greyfield and Cumberland last week. It was truly an experience I will never forget. The rooms were very comfortable, the atmosphere casual and relaxing (we felt like family), the service wonderful, and the food was exquisite. I ate every bite of every meal. The picnic lunches were just perfect - with everything bundled nicely in a picnic basket that you could take and eat anywhere. We thoroughly enjoyed the family style evening dinner - lots of interesting conversation and we felt we had been around the world after hearing about a few other guests' travels. Jason was an excellent head waiter and Chas was very friendly and gave us much helpful information. Olivia at GoGo's shop was delightful - I had talked myself out of buying anything but she was so charming sharing lots of interesting tidbits, that I just couldn't resist. I will definitely be back with other friends. Thank you for a lovely time.

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