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Built in 1898 by Gabriel Block Watne, Kronen Gaard Hotel was originally a quaint seasonal residence out in the country. This lovely destination was transformed into a women’s psychiatric rehabilitation facility some three decades later, which it remained until the early 1980s. Kjell and Sygni Steinsvåg soon acquired the location, renovating it into the luxurious Kronen Gaard Hotel. The hotel is located some five minutes away from the exciting city of Sandnes. Guests can easily venture into this bustling metropolis to experience its many cultural attractions, such as Sverd i fjell, the Science Museum, Dalsnuten, and the Kongeparken.

Image of Hotel Exterior Kronen Gaard Hotel, 1898, Member of Historic Hotels Worldwide, in Sandnes, Norway, Overview

Overview of Kronen Gaard Hotel

Discover this historic luxury hotel set in the charming Norwegian village of Vatne.


Location Map

Take a day trip to Stavanger to visit the Preikestolen, the Stavanger Cathedral, and the Sverd i fjell.


Discover the Swiss-inspired architecture of the Kronen Gaard Hotel.


Explore the Stavanger Cathedral (Stavanger Domkirke).


Experience the Norweigan Petroleum Museum (Norsk Olijemuseum).


Taste Fårikål, which is Norway’s official national dish.

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