Vertshuset Røros

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Vertshuset Røros has a long and storied past. It originally started out as a farm in 1844, only to become a textile factory 70 years later. This remarkable historic hotel consists of several adjacent industrial structures that embody this unique heritage. The factory continued operating throughout the 20th century, until new owners converted the complex into a luxurious boutique hotel in 1988. Known today as the Vertshuset Røros, the hotel wonderfully immerses its guests into the fascinating history of the local community. The hotel resides in the former mining town of Røros, which UNESCO has designated as one of its special World Heritage Sites. Countless attractions abound throughout the area that connect visitors to its amazing history, including the Olav Mine, the Røros Museum, and the Rørosmartnan. Terrific natural wonders are situated nearby as well, such as the stunning Femundsmarka National Park.

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Travel to the Rørosmartnan, the Rørosmuseet Smelthytta, and the Rørosmuseet Olavsgruva from the hotel.


Discover the historical character of the Vertshuest Røros.


Explore Olavsgruva and walk through 350 years of mining history.


Experience the Røros church, one of the Norway's largest churches with 1600 seats.


Taste the seasons of Norway at Rammgården, the hotel's main restaurant.

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