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Many visitors and employees—past and present—have had unexplainable experiences. A gentleman in a top hat is often seen at night in the lobby looking out at the Black River and the historic Charles Berry Bridge. Servers on the lower level have reported taking orders from a guest who would disappear as soon as they walked away. When the server questioned the other patrons, they were told by the others that they had not seen anyone. In fact, their colleagues were left wondering who the server had actually been talking to moments earlier. One day, an employee was on one of the guest floors and heard what she thought was a housekeeper asking her to "come help me." Much to their surprise, the employee only found that there was no one else on the floor! Having kept the experience to herself, she was shocked when several months later she heard another employee telling the same story. Guests have mentioned hearing people talk in the hallway and housekeepers have caught disembodied conversations from vacant rooms. Downtown Lorain has also seen a lot of people pass through and has undergone a lot of changes over the years. A tornado that destroyed the majority of the downtown area is what cleared the way for the Broadway Building to be constructed. Although no particular people can be identified as the ghostly guests, there is no shortage of souls that once called downtown Lorain and the Broadway Building home.

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