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Relax and unwind at the Francis Marion Hotel’s outstanding wellness center, Spa Adagio. This fantastic venue offers a variety of space packages that feature everything from massages to facials. The spa itself has a number of specialty treatments, including three different massages that calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. The facials also feature their own unique formulas, such as the Vital C Hydrating Facial that uses Vitamin C to detoxify the skin. (Gift cards and reservations are both available, as well). Review the available treatments below for more information:


Signature Massage #1:
A Massage specially customized massage that integrates a CALMING blend of Lavender & Sweet Orange Aromatherapy with an additional 15 minute Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage.

Signature Massage #2:
Receive a Full Body Dry Buff Exfoliation to gently slough off dry dead skin followed by a Full Body Massage using an organic unrefined Coconut Oil to deeply nourish the skin.

Signature Massage #3:
Sixty minute Advanced Bodywork Massage using a healing Arnica Oil and incorporating the use of Hot Stones into massage techniques.


Signature Facial #1
This Vital C Hydrating Facial is nourishing and helps replenish moisture loss. A Vitamin C blend of antioxidants and a mild exfoliation with hydroxy acids is used to treat dryness, inflammation, and redness prone skin while providing continuous hydration. Let’s not leave out the lips. Pucker up after enjoying an organic sugar and organic coconut lip scrub followed up with an Ormedic lip application to smooth dry lips and decrease the appearance of fine lines!

Signature Facial #2
The hotel’s Signature Facelift, a one treatment wonder! This four layer exfoliation uses alpha hydroxy and tropical enzymes to gently slough away dead skin cells revealing a radiant complexion. Staff combine a 25% pure hyaluronic acid with a leave-on vitamin c serum to plump and hydrate the newly resurfaced face.

Signature Facial #3
Dubbed as the Rolls Royce of the spa’s skin care, the STEM CELL MAX does not disappoint. Designed for mature skin to improve loss of elasticity, smooth fine lines, and restore the skin's radiance using a powerful percentage of enzymes to resurface dull skin and a maximum concentration of plant derived Stem Cells to replenish collagen. It's the hotel’s most luxurious and transforming facial of them all. The staff want nothing more than for guests to look perfect, so the Pucker and Plump organic lip exfoliation with Ormedic lip treatment is included!

Signature Facial #4
This extravagant facial uses mechanical exfoliation consisting of a diamond tip wand to remove surface layers of dead skin, while simultaneously suctioning the debris away. Proven to lighten dark spots, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This is the ultimate resurfacing treatment that is safe and effective. The spa has added the Hydrogel Sheet Mask to this service to take the facial to the next level.

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