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  • Discover Historic Hotel Bethlehem's distinguished place in the city's history while enjoying its truly spectacular setting. Nestled in the heart of Historic Moravian Bethlehem, a National Historic Landmark District, the hotel was constructed in 1922 on the former site of the first home in Bethlehem, a rustic log cabin built by a group of Moravian missionaries. Today, Historic Hotel Bethlehem rests just steps from Bethlehem's Main Street, which was named a Top 10 Main Street by USA Today, and boasts beautiful views of the Bethlehem star atop nearby South Mountain.

  • Delve into the fascinating past of both Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Historic Hotel Bethlehem in the lower lobby's Hall of History. Here, guests can trace the story of the town's development—from religious settlement to industrial boomtown—through an array of artifacts like photographs, printed materials, and more. Nearby, a 1936 painting by George Gray in the Mural Room depicts the cultural transformation surrounding the hotel.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Historic Hotel Bethlehem's most illustrious guests. Through the years, the hotel has played host to some remarkable individuals, seeing everyone from world leaders and cultural luminaries to celebrities and athletes walk through its doors. The site's heritage of hosting distinguished guests began before Historic Hotel Bethlehem even came to be, when names like Mark Twain, William Waldorf Astor, and President Ulysses S. Grant graced the guest list of the former Golden Eagle Hotel. Following the opening of the Hotel Bethlehem in 1922, a steady stream of movers and shakers continued to find their way to the hotel. Since then, Historic Hotel Bethlehem has held a banquet for Amelia Earhart, hosted the likes of Winston Churchill and President Dwight D. Eisenhower during their visits to the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and welcomed other influential guests like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Shirley Temple, Muhammad Ali, future president John F. Kennedy, and many more.

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