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  • Taste Bethlehem's German heritage with a slice of Moravian sugar cake. Served daily in Historic Hotel Bethlehem's lobby, this sweet coffee cake was a favorite of Moravian settlers during the 1700s. Boasting a sugary crust and a surprising ingredient (hot and fluffy mashed potatoes), this tasty treat is best enjoyed warm with a cup of coffee. Alternatively, for something on the savory side, be on the lookout for a different local snack brought over by the Germans during the 18th century—a chewy, soft pretzel.

  • Savor the spirited side of the Lehigh Valley. Given the radical beliefs, at the time, of the Moravians, it should come as no surprise that these German settlers were fond of a stiff drink. In fact, the Lehigh Valley's very first tavern, the Crown Inn in Bethlehem (founded in 1745), was so popular that they quickly a new tavern, the Sun Inn, only a few years later in 1758. Today, the Moravians' influence can still be seen (and tasted!) at one of the region's many distilleries, breweries, cideries, and wineries, which offer handcrafted, locally produced beverages. Make sure to sample some applejack, a favorite alcoholic drink during the American colonial era.

  • Raise a glass to the beer-drenched history of Bethlehem during a walking tour of the city's most historic pubs. Starting at the 1810 Goundie House—home of Johann Sebastian Goundie, Bethlehem's first commercial brewer—this tasty tour includes a complimentary tasting and visits to watering holes like the Historic Sun Inn and Red Stag Pub.

  • Stroll into the hotel's dining room, 1741 On The Terrace. Here, diners can enjoy views of historic Bethlehem through the restaurant's floor-to-ceiling palladium windows while admiring the authentic Moravian tiles that blanket the floor.

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