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The Maryland Inn, one of the Historic Inns of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland, is reportedly haunted by a variety of specters since it was established in the 1770s. Supposed sightings by employees and guests include glimpses of shadowy figures dressed in Revolutionary War-era uniforms and 19th century clothing. Unexplained noises, scents, and missing objects–experienced by some employees–are thought by some believers to have supernatural explanations. Local legend suggests that at least two of the ghosts are that of Navy Captain Charles Campbell and his intended bride, known only as The Bride. According to the tale, Captain Campbell and The Bride were separated while he was at sea, during which time The Bride waited for him at the Maryland Inn. Campbell was killed by a horse carriage as he was returning to be reunited with his love and she took her own life minutes later, both dying right outside the historic inn. Both The Bride and Captain Campbell are rumored to haunt the Maryland Inn to this day. According to authors Mike Carter and Julia Dray in Haunted Annapolis, The Bride paces around the fourth floor and Captain Campbell has been seen in his naval uniform in the basement taproom. For guests, experiencing the ghosts in-residence is uncommon but not unheard of. Some guests in the fourth-floor rooms have felt a cold presence.

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