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  • Discover the role Kings Courtyard Inn played in Charleston's vibrant economy. Located along bustling King Street, one of the city's most storied thoroughfares, the Inn has been an integral part of this lively marketplace ever since its beginning. As the second street created in the city, King Street played host to an array of upscale storefronts, banks, and office spaces, many with ornate design rarely seen elsewhere in the South. Colonel J. Charles Blum saw this as a rich business opportunity and set about creating the stunning three-story, mixed-used commercial structure that would eventually become Kings Courtyard Inn. Known as the "Blum Building," the structure went on to house a number of businesses over the years, from shops and a tavern to Salvation Army-sponsored lodgings for women, a dry cleaner, and even a skating rink. Then in 1983, the hotel was renovated and given new life as the Kings Courtyard Inn.

  • Marvel at the distinctive architecture of Kings Courtyard Inn. Designed by renowned Charleston-based architect Francis D. Lee in the early 1850s, the structure features a striking combination of Egyptian and Greek motifs. Despite the Egyptian elements, however, the Inn is mostly representative of Greek Revival, one of the most common architectural styles in the South. In fact, some historians consider Greek Revival to be the very first "national" architectural style of the United States, influencing everything from governmental buildings, churches, and banks to mansions and farmhouses.

  • Kick back and relax in style in the classically inspired accommodations of Kings Courtyard Inn. Each of the Inn's 41 guestrooms offers a timelessly beautiful setting, with timeless silhouettes fashionably juxtaposed with bright fabrics and floral prints and handsome four-poster beds in rich mahogany. Soaring 12-foot ceilings, stunningly restored hardwood floors, and original fireplaces complete the sophisticated scene.

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