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Julia Staab was the wife of Abraham Staab, the wealthy merchant who built the original three-story brick mansion on the site of the current resort. Together they lived inside the building for the better part of two decades, raising their seven surviving children to adulthood. Yet, Julia suffered through a few difficult pregnancies, which took a tole on both her mental and physical wellbeing. Abraham did all he possibly could to cure his beloved wife, even sending her on exclusive trips to some of Europe’s most prestigious health resorts. Nevertheless, Julia gradually faded over time and passed away at the age of 52 in 1896. But while her body had expired, many who lived in the house over the years believed that her spirit had not. The first sighting of Julia’s ghost at this haunted hotel in New Mexico came in 1979. A janitor was mopping when he noticed a woman in a black Victorian dress with her hair pulled back into a severe bun. This was followed by several more stories of resort staff noticing the same woman, disappearing as suddenly as she appeared. In one particular instance, the La Posada ghost was spotted wandering the hallways by a security guard, who immediately took off running. Nevertheless, Julia’s ghost is not described as “unsettling” or “frightening.” Recorded sightings of the ghostly activity have included gas fireplaces turning on and off, swaying chandeliers, and items in certain guestrooms vanishing. A bartender once stated that on a particularly busy evening, all the glasses on one shelf flew off and crashed to the floor. During her life, Julia loved gardening and decorating the house with roses. As such, some visitors have even referenced encountering the distinct smell of roses throughout the building. All alleged activity is confined to the former Staab House, so guests staying in the newer accommodations have never reported any such tales. Many visitors who have had these supernatural experiences stayed in Room 256—also known as Suite 100—which is the room Julia Staab when alive. As such, La Posada de Santa Fe has been the site for various paranormal investigations and was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, Weird Travels, and Lifetime’s The Haunting Of…

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