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• Discover the French Renaissance design of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Rich in historical and architectural significance, the Lord Baltimore Hotel is one of the most unique and interesting hotels in downtown Baltimore. The hotel was designed by William Stoddard and is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

• Pass through the brass revolving doors into the lobby to marvel at the award-winning vaulted fresco ceiling with an immense Murano glass chandelier. Gaze upon the beautiful grand piano and classic oil paintings the occupy the space, as well.

• View the Calvert Ballroom’s vaulted ceiling, which is lined with the original Baccarat crystal chandeliers to add extra historical charm. The Calvert Ballroom hosted its first event in 1928 and remains one of the most elegant event venues downtown. It houses five salons, three of which depict artistic interpretations of the early settlement of Baltimore City. Hanging in the foyer of the Calvert Ballroom are several antique photos of events held in the space during the early to mid 20th century.

• Marvel at the contemporary artwork showcased throughout the hotel, which has been curated by Mera and Don Rubell of The Rubell Family Collection and the Rubell Museum. Among the pieces on display include pair of oil paintings by Karin Davie, a Suzan Etkin multimedia exhibit, and even some artwork by painter Sabrina Baron, Mera Rubell’s sister. The hallways also feature a series inspired by Google Images and iconic people and places linked to Baltimore.

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