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  • Discover the opulence of the Mizpah Hotel, which was the tallest building in Nevada through the 1920s. This five-story "Grand Old Lady" features 18-inch-thick solid granite walls, and its name pays homage to the first silver lode discovered in the region during the silver boom. It is a biblical reference meaning “to come back together with those you love.”

  • Discover historic details throughout the Mizpah Hotel lobby. This historic hotel featured the first electric elevator west of the Mississippi, which is still in use today. The lobby features the Tonopah Banking Corporation vault, which is still intact. Gaze at the signature leaded glass windows and lighting fixtures that illuminate the historically furnished lobby.

  • Discover the historic guestrooms of the Mizpah Hotel, which feature clawfoot tubs and are decorated with rich furnishings according to a turn-of-the-century theme. Stay in the Wagon Suite, which features a custom hand-carved bed created from a freight wagon used to transport goods to Tonopah in the early 20th century; or stay in the Lady in Red Suite named for the ghost that haunts the hallway just outside the room.

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