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Discover the Phantom Ranch with its innovative architecture brought about by the necessity of having mules transport building supplies to the lodge site.

Phantom Ranch Canteen offers hearty breakfasts, sack lunches, and dinners. Selection includes choice of hiker's stew, vegetarian chili, or steak. Beverages and sundries are also available. Meals must be reserved well in advance of the descent. Overnight mule trips include a lunch on the trail at Indian Gardens and steak dinner at the Canteen, along with breakfast the next morning before the ride out. Hikers need to reserve meals separately and well in advance as seating is very limited. There are specific seating times for breakfast and dinner. Steak dinners are served during the early seating, and hiker's stew and vegetarian chili dinners are served at the late seating.

Be sure to make lodging and dining reservations at Phantom Ranch as far in advance as possible. It is recommended that all meals be reserved at the same time room reservations are made. Reservations can be made 13 months in advance.

For more information about Phantom Ranch or to make reservations please visit or call 1.888.29.PARKS (888.297.2757).

One of Xanterra's Legendary Places