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  • Taste inspiring Mediterranean-inspired cuisine at the Rancho Bernardo Inn’s Veranda Fireside Lounge & Restaurant. Inspired by the olive trees, gardens, and villas that dot the southern European coastline, this outstanding dining establishment features a fresh assortment of Mediterranean dishes prepared with a unique, southern Californian twist.

  • Savor terrific local ingredients included within the dishes served at AVANT. AVANT draws on the best of wine country dining—inspired culinary exploration, leisurely socializing, and the freshest of seasonal ingredients—and moves it forward with a contemporary California mindset. Its culinary team serves vibrant, creative dishes and artisan libations that embrace items foraged, farmed, hunted, and fished.

  • Feast upon some delicious local seafood in the quaint seaside village of La Jolla. Perhaps its best known haven for such a culinary experience is the celebrated El Pescador, where local fishermen sell everything from fresh halibut to sea urchin. Yet, La Jolla is also home to many other forms of fabulous cuisine, including the Mexican-inspired fare served at the famous Verdes El Ranchero.

  • Sample the region’s fantastic variety of wine at the numerous wineries that dot the landscape. The historic Bernardo Winery (founded in 1889) offers a robust tasting room with over 30 local wines, while the intimate La Finquita grants stunning views of the area’s mountain vistas. (Other wineries in the area include Orfila, Cordiano, and Domaine Artifact.) The locale is also home to several renowned breweries, too, such as the Lost Abbey, Ballas Point, and Stone Brewery.

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