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Estrella Salon: Spacious enough for a formal reception, the Estrella Salon holds up to 180 guests and features high-beamed ceilings with wrought-iron chandeliers and rich Mediterranean colors. An adjoining patio lounge provides views of the tiled, Moorish-influenced Reflecting Pool, and the lush Vernadero Lawn offers additional space for guests.

Palmera Salon: Through the use of aged materials, designers from Krause Thomas Interior Architecture display Royal Palms’ history and character in the Palmera Salon, which holds up to 120 guests. The focal point is an elaborate fireplace with hardwood mantel and wrought iron chandeliers that add to the Old World ambiance. The adjacent Palmera Lounge and Palmera Patio provide a comfortable social area with the Reflecting Pool’s fountains in the background.

Alegria Garden: The Alegria Garden, holding up to 120 guests, is a private outdoor courtyard enclosed by four stone walls and surrounded by beautiful flowers and citrus trees. One of the more popular venues for wedding ceremonies at Royal Palms, the garden features an elevated stone platform perfect for exchanging vows.

Cervantes Room: Ideal for rehearsal dinners and smaller receptions, the Cervantes Room holds up to 40 guests and exhibits the hotel’s history through the use of aged materials. The focal point of the Cervantes Library is an intricately carved fireplace that was once in the Royal Palms’ old lobby.

Vernadero Lawn: Located between the Cooke Mansion and Reflecting Pool in the heart of the resort, the exquisitely lush Vernadero Lawn holds up to 180 guests and offers an unmatched view of sunsets on Camelback Mountain. Thoughtful lighting and a wide range of plant life, including many of the property’s original palm trees, create a beautiful setting for brunch, luncheons, and ceremonies large or small.

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