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  • Taste the flavors of South Beach at Mehzcla, The Balfour Hotel's laidback onsite restaurant. Here, just like in Miami itself, Latin and coastal cuisines combine with the region's subtropical ingredients, serving up dishes like Florida snapper with green tomatillo salsa, tostones, and jicama slaw. Savor Latin food and South Beach flavors at the laid-back Mehzcla restaurant in The Balfour Hotel Miami Beach. As with the menu, the design of the restaurant also pays tribute to Miami's beachy style and Latin American heritage, with earthy rattan furniture accented by pops of tropical prints and an ever-changing gallery of artwork by emerging talent from South Florida art schools.

  • Take a bite out of some of ocean-fresh South Florida seafood. With a coastal setting further influenced by Caribbean and Latin American culture, Miami is home to some truly incredible seafood dishes. With a small habitat off the southeastern coast of the Florida Bay and a relatively short fishing season from mid-October to mid-May, stone crabs are one of the most in-demand crustaceans in Florida. Sweet and tender, their claws are a favorite of seafood lovers, with flaky, succulent meat similar to that of a lobster. Indigenous to The Bahamas, which is located only 181 miles off the coast of Miami, conch is a tasty sea snail with the consistency of a scallop that is delicious when tenderized and served in a stew, as a salad, or deep fried into fritters. Ceviche is another must-try dish when visiting Miami. Hailing from Latin America, ceviche refers to raw fish that has been cured in various citrus juices, often marinating together with mix-ins like chili peppers, onions, cilantro, and avocado.

  • Savor a slice of Floridian and Cuban culinary heritage with a savory Cubano sandwich. Although some stories say that the Cubano was created in the state's Cuban enclaves, like Miami or Tampa, its origin can actually be traced back to the Cuban capital of Havana and a popular street food known as the "sandwich mixto." Much like the places that helped to make the sandwich what it is today, the Cubano is a melting pot of flavors, with smoky, seasoned roasted pork, salty ham, crisp pickles, gooey cheese, and tangy mustard all layered on soft, slightly sweet Cuban bread.

  • Cap off a meal in true Floridian fashion with a piece of Key lime pie. Although its beginnings are still debated, many believe that this sweet and tart dessert was first created in Key West, Florida, near the end of the 19th century. In fact, those in the Sunshine State are so convinced of its origins that officials declared Key lime pie Florida's official state pie in 2006. One thing everyone can agree on, however, is the pie's exquisite taste, courtesy of sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and the juice of aromatic Key limes.

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