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Over the years, The George Washington Hotel has developed a local reputation for being haunted. In fact, countless contemporary ghost hunters have conducted regular investigations of the building. Their visits have often turned up a wealth of evidence, with much of the activity supposedly focused between the eighth and tenth floors. Numerous guests have recounted dozens of paranormal encounters, too. For instance, visitors have spotted the grand piano in the hotel lobby playing by itself, while disembodied voices resonated in the background. Some have even stated that the lobby’s paintings of George and Martha Washington possessed a glaring stare, their eyes following them intently through the space. Spectral images can sometimes be seen drinking in Bradford’s Lounge, the hotel’s entertaining speakeasy. Even staff members have been said to run into spirits on several occasions! Indeed, stories abound of housekeepers watching ghostly figures glide across various floors, and maintenance workers observing shades attempting to repair the boilers. Rest assured though, the sprits that allegedly stalk the halls are friendly in demeanor! If anything, their supposed presence has merely helped to showcase the rich heritage that has defined The George Washington Hotel for a century.
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