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Hotel Viking was built by the community, for the community, and entirely through community investment at the height of the roaring twenties. This civic undertaking helped keep Newport and its people afloat through wars and recessions by offering the same thing in 1926 as it does today: a genuine sense of belonging for both visitors and residents alike. Perhaps it is this sense of belonging that keeps guests checked in long after they checked out. Hotel Viking has had many guests and staff members report paranormal experiences. One kind of sighting that has been reported many times is of a little boy seen cleaning the floors of the historic wing of the hotel. This has also been confirmed by most of the housekeeping staff, who very much appreciate the help! Hotel Viking is also believed by some to be haunted by a ghostly group of partygoers. Frequently, the staff hears the noise of a grand party at odd hours of the night when no events were planned. This noise was originally heard above one of the ballrooms in a space that was used for storage. But after renovations, the location of the spooky soiree seemed to have changed to the hotel’s lower levels. At the end of October, Hotel Viking hosts a Halloween Spooky Time-Portal to the Gilded Age 1920s. The event is held just steps away from the hotel in the Kay Chapel, a historic landmark in Newport, Rhode Island dating back to 1859.
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