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  • Explore Diamond Head, a U.S. National Natural Landmark that was given its name in English by 19th-century British sailors who mistook calcite crystals on the adjacent beach for diamonds. Known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi from the words lae, meaning browridge or promontory, and ahi tuna, because the ridgeline resembles the shape of a tuna’s dorsal fin. Hike the trail to the top of the crater and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu.

  • Explore Iolani Palace, the former royal residence of the Kingdom of Hawaii that is now a U.S. National Historic Landmark listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Explore the only royal palace in the United States, and see the beautiful koa staircase, portraits of Hawaiian royalty, ornate furniture, and gifts from around the world.

  • Explore the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, which marks the final resting place of the USS Arizona and the more than 1,000 sailors and Marines who were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Designed by Honolulu architect Alfred Preis, the memorial consists of a curved bridge floating above the USS Arizona that represents the height of American pride before the war, the nation’s sudden depression after the attack, and the rise of American power to new heights after the war.

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