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La Marchande
Michelin-starred chef brings downtown Manhattan a modernized take on the French brasserie, located at the corner of Water and Wall Street. La Marchande nods to the history of the rusticated beaux-arts building that was once the hub of worldwide trade and the site of the original 18th-century stock exchange. With an innovative culinary vision La Marchande creates a lighter fare by embracing vinaigrettes and broths versus the heavier cuisine of traditional French brasseries. Signature dishes, such as "French Onion Dumplings," "Steamed Dover Sole" with vermouth-lime butter, "Lamb Prime Rib," and "Maitake Steak Frites" served with vegan au poivre are modernized with ingredients from around the world, including Southeast Asia. La Marchande also boasts a 100 + French-focused wine list that champions unparalleled and admired bottlings, such as grower Champagnes and library Beaujolais, each concentrating on their unique terroir. A definitive selection of exclusively French vermouths, rarely enjoyed in New York, can also be explored alone or in signature cocktails, including the "Saffrantine," La Marchande's signature martini.

Lounge on Pearl
The all-day lobby lounge and bar were expertly designed to offer visitors an oasis to escape the bustling streets of lower Manhattan. Serving everything from coffee to cocktails, its soaring sealings and colorful interiors feature rich jewel tones with a mix of modern and antique elements, complementing the area's old-world charm with an elevated sense of style. Lounge on Pearl also serves an abbreviated version of La Marchande's classics featuring a mix of French and American dishes with an Asian fusion, including Mushroom Spring Rolls, Salted Cod & Scallop Fritters, and Two Layer Club. Lounge on Pearl features a martini-themed bar, offering a collection of classic and contemporary cocktails in a sophisticated and stylish ambiance. From Not So Dirty to a French Martini, guests can sip on their favorite libations surrounded by elegant interiors and vibrant walls painted in a custom city skyscape. This sprawling space was made for everything from casual comfort to intimate moments, making it the perfect spot for work or leisure.

In-Room Dining
The extensive in-room dining menu brings the restaurant experience to the comfort of the guestroom. Offerings include everything from light snacks to gourmet dishes inspired by a global pantry, including classics from the signature restaurant and all-day lounge.