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  • The best vacation of my life at White Stallion Ranch.

    The best vacation of my life at White Stallion Ranch.

    by fullofbliss on 2020-09-23 09:31 pm

    I had to write this review because my heart was so full after my trip to White Stallion Ranch. Here's what I shared on my Facebook post to friends:

    I had tears when we left this place... Did you ever dream about an ideal your whole life, and then when you finally experienced it, it was beyond what you hoped it would be?! Maybe because my boys so fully embraced the entire experience, or because the staff were beyond kind and warm, or the fact that we got paired with horses whose names so suited our own personalities, or that we walked into a cowboy sing-along where a wonderful rancher was singing "How Great Thou Art," or maybe it was just being in God's creation and appreciating the fresh (hot) air and awe-inspiring desertscape.... but us moms know, when you experience this level of feels, you won't EVER forget it. The mere mention of anything ranch/western/horse will warm our hearts for years to come with the memories made here!

    (So our horses' names were Saguaro, Chief, Mesa, Sierra, and Huckleberry, in order of our photo. I'm obsessed with the Saguaro cactus, Jay is the biggest Indians fan, Brant loves mountains, Maddy loved the Sierra Jenson books, and Brady just studied Mark Twain and Huck Finn in the Spring.)

    Also fun to note, I set up a tripod and used a remote for our family shoot, lol! And in case you're wondering, no one wanted pics except me...but I was thrilled with our 'shoot' and the entire experience at White Stallion Ranch!!

    Mikayla at the front desk made our entire experience so warm and welcoming!!! She never hesitated to answer any of my questions with anything but sweet friendliness. This was our first experience at a dude ranch, and it was the best ever. I returned in September mostly because of Mikayla's warm, friendly, genuine personality! We will be lifelong customers at this ranch!!!

  • Customer-centric, exceptional service and a fabulous family vacation!

    Customer-centric, exceptional service and a fabulous family vacation!

    by atlsuburbanite on 2020-08-23 09:29 pm

    I began this post with lament on the eve of our last night at the Ranch. As our week of organized chill drew to a close, I began to reminisce on the amazing experience which was our past 7 days. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Tucson Mountains and Saguaro National Park, White Stallion Ranch is an amazing dichotomy of a place, offering as much or as little as you might want in terms of activity on your vacation. I would say that I couple it to an all-inclusive in Mexico or the Caribbean, maybe without the endless pool party and tequila, however, White Stallion is......just notably superior. *However, as an aside, the Ranch does offer a pretty sweet pool and a full bar, operating on the honor system, stocked with beer, wine, liquor and their pre-made regular and prickly pear margaritas (I highly recommend!).*
    The WOW factor of this Ranch resort is- by far- the exceptional service. If there was something that they didn't offer, the True family and their extraordinary staff would make every attempt to accommodate. Their personal touch goes beyond ensuring that guests are delighted and comfortable. The personal "story" attached to the Ranch is what I found amazing and this is shared in your encounters with the family, at social hour, mealtime or during the family-run rodeo.
    *Don't take my word for it. White Stallion Ranch is nationally recognized for its exemplary service, the recipient of numerous awards, and has been listed prominently on many "Best Of" lists and rankings.*
    Back to the activities and overall feel of the place.....As I type this, I am focused on the fact that my arms are quite sore on account of the pairing of rock climbing, swimming and a round of Top Golf (also relatively close to the resort) over the course of a 6 hour period. Other, more extreme, activities on offer include shooting with numerous cool guns of differing calibers, archery, UTV rides and e-Biking, just to name a few. These are just the non-riding related activities which is part of what makes this ranch so equally appealing to those who ride and those who would rather not. For the riders in your group, there are a variety of slow and fast riding options, some that were, in my opinion, far more interesting then your standard trail or flat ride (which they, of course, also offer). We participated in cattle sorting and team penning which we felt were true "dude ranch" experiences involving cattle. Super exciting stuff.
    All of these activities are set against the backdrop of a beautiful, exceptionally run resort operation with all of the creature comforts of home and amenities that you might expect in a high-end offering. Well-appointed rooms are flanked by a beautiful pool, hot tub, spa offering massage and facials, fitness center, secluded adults-only serenity area, lit tennis and basketball courts, game room, theater, playground, and a petting zoo. Given the variety of activities and expanse of the resort and surrounding mountains- over 3,000 acres, there really is something for everyone to be taken at any pace.
    Given its proximity to Tucson, we were able to fit a few side trips into our day's Ranch activities. The Pima Air and Space Museum is approx. 20 min away by car. For a more considerable detour, both Tombstone and Bisbee- both old west boomtowns- are accessible within a 2 hour drive. I would highly suggest a day tour if time allows, or perhaps consider tacking on a few days, using Tombstone as your base of operations before or after your stay at White Stallion Ranch. The True family owns a property in Tombstone, the Tombstone Monument Ranch, which operates in a similar fashion to White Stallion. I can't comment specifically on that offering as I have not yet had the opportunity to stay there.......but I'll be back in December to do just that.

    Beyond the setting, service, activities and amenities, we need to talk about the food. Oh my, the food. Offering three square meals a day, the food can be described as high-end comfort food. Think hearty portions of beloved favorites such as BBQ Chicken, Meatloaf, Brisket, Ribs, Steak, etc... served with varying sides and salad, each better then the next. Breakfast was a solid offering of eggs (cooked your way), buttermilk or blueberry pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, toast and a daily special. Lunch was hearty fare such as burgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad, chicken sandwiches and the like. With COVID, what once were buffet meals are now plated and served, with guests picking their desired dishes and sides. And then there is the dessert- which you should absolutely save room for since a different item is presented each evening and there are a variety of cookies offered every day at lunch (like Pringles you can't have just one). I really just can't say enough about the food- fresh, hearty and plentiful. Bring your loose jeans and belt with extra notches or plan to do some laps in the magnificent pool......
    Regardless of your specific itinerary or the activities chosen to fill your active or relaxing holiday, rest assured that you will leave this place feeling as if you were a part of it.....and with a longing to return.
    I thank the True family and their amazing staff for giving us a wonderful Ranch experience. You all are exceptional and show passion and purpose for what you do. Thanks again and see you in December.

  • Fabulous Time

    Fabulous Time

    by MichelleG1977 on 2020-07-22 09:34 am

    Due to COVID-19 our normal family vacation was diverted. So I had to think outside the box. Came upon WSR on TripAdvisor. So glad I did! What a special property. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Our family room was perfect for a family of 4. Our kids loved the amenities. Everyday you can sign up for various activities from horseback riding to e-biking. Our kids loved the game room and especially the well cared for animals. We can't wait to return to WSR.
    P.S. if you go to the gift shop they give you a different souvenir based on the amount of times you have stayed at the property.

  • Fabulous Dude Ranch- Hits the Sweet Spot in all Arenas

    Fabulous Dude Ranch- Hits the Sweet Spot in all Arenas

    by catherinefromchicago on 2020-06-22 07:54 am

    I brought my 2 young adult kids to White Stallion last weekend. My kids love to ride and they are both adept horseback riders. I chose the all inclusive package as I like to go on vacation and not think about money. They run great specials in the summer if you don't want to ride all the time. There are many things that make White Stallion an exemplary vacation: #1- the staff- they are all friendly and helpful and always have a smile on their face. The owner is always around and that lets you know they both care and take part in running their business. They have about 160 head of horse that are all well cared for. My kids went on fast rides and did the cattle penning. They loved it. The food was fresh and healthy. There was always salad at meals- which I appreciated. The room was well appointed and right outside our door was the large horse corral. They have a nice size pool which was for me a necessity because of the heat. They don't pretend they are the Ritz Carlton, nor are they a Holiday Inn. They are a family owned dude ranch with a lot to do- wether you ride or not. I give mad props to the management as what they pull off is not easy. There's a lot of kindness and love at this ranch, you can feel it. oh yeah, it was my son's birthday and they made him a home made cake that was both beautiful and delicious. no extra charge- cause that's how they roll:).

  • Amazing Vacation!!

    Amazing Vacation!!

    by whitneyl819 on 2020-06-12 02:28 pm

    I can't say enough about this terrific dude ranch just outside of Tucson center....

    I booked this trip with my daughter as a HS graduation present. We both have some English riding experience, but nothing advanced.

    From the moment we got picked up at the airport by the WSR to the moment we got dropped off again, this was a dream vacation.

    We found the staff to be completely lovely and guest-focused (although we didn't require any real care)...everyone made sure that we were happy, comfortable and that our expectations were met.

    Our primary interest was riding, but we also tried the shooting, archery, pool, and e-bikes (which were a HUGE BLAST!) The riding was gorgeous and fun with a series of trails for varying expertise. It was my goal to learn to lope and do a fast ride. I took three lessons and was approved on my last day. The fast ride was, aside from "birthin' babies", the most exhilarating thing I've done in years. I'll never forget it. And all the while, I felt safe, yet challenged.

    Food and evening entertainment was also just perfect...from a dude singing old country and western tunes to a professional roper....we missed the rodeo, but we understood it to be a guest favorite.

    I can't wait to get back! Checkin the calendar now!

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