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  • Dream Breaker!

    Dream Breaker!

    by Wolrd C on 2020-11-23 10:46 am

    I had been dreaming about this get away after a friend told me about the dudes ranches'. We were supposed to stay 2 nights, in a deluxe room, with activities and diners. We drove from Sedona after a lovely 3 days in a fantastic family retreat.
    Our stay at whites satllion was a real disappointment! We understand COVID, we understand not being a hotel, but happy welcoming, decent food, cleaning and departing customer are still something in any type of hospitality. The best part of our stay was the reservation lady we talked to. She was awesome super pro.
    Check in was nothing as we would have imagine, just the same if I had gone to a DMV.
    They kept asking us if we would eat at the ranch which we had booked already over the phone.
    Here is why we only stayed one night indtead of 2:
    Diner: My husband laughed and laughed when our ordered menu got to the table. He asked me: why did the Chef needed to know so, so much in advance if we would have diner to serve what we got!
    2 very, very sad kind of kids burgers, a bottled vinaigrette, a pinch of green with a beaten tomato and a tall glass with 2 ice cream vanilla scoop (not even good),a spray whipped cream industrial taste and a half sliced banana mixture.
    Because of Covid,after we found our room, I cleaned the counter top by the mini bar and our night table.
    I was shocked !!!!! I was probably the one who cleaned them in a long time. The bathroom was clean though.
    The bed pillows were a slim thing, cannot even tell the material, and the beds had a blanket, which I guess is not changed for each guess, it is covered by 2 flats sheets.
    Interaction with the team was extremely curt. We felt not welcomed, we bothered them. The young Hispanic girl serving food was the nicest as well as the gardening cleaning team, smiling and at least helpful and smiling.
    After our diner, we went to our room and were looking to stay out of it, the hotel lobby, bar were nicely decorated, but the atmosphere was cold, unwelcoming.
    We lighted an outdoor fire and watched the stars. That was the only moment we will remember of our stay. Next morning we left one day earlier, not even wanting to do the activities after we met another couple telling us about their own dispointment. Instead of asking why we would leave one day earlier the desk assitant kept saying, fine and was totalky robotic.

  • Love the ranch but disappointed they are not enforcing Covid safety protocols

    Love the ranch but disappointed they are not enforcing Covid safety protocols

    by Judith B on 2020-11-22 06:17 pm

    I am a returning guest and was there for a week. This was my first visit since the Covid epidemic. I love the ranch, the staff, and the horses. Other guests were friendly and very nice. Rooms very comfortable. They have a lot of ranch activities that can keep everyone as engaged and busy as they want to be. Good for all ages.
    That said, I was disappointed that the do not enforce the Covid safety protocols. Guests are not required to wear masks indoors although there is a mask mandate in effect. The staff wear masks (front desk, food service) but the family did not, and they are around a lot. I saw guests in the lobby, bar and dining areas with no masks on. I attended a horsemanship clinic and was disappointed that the instructor and other participants never wore masks, although I did. I am not sure I will return until the Covid crisis has past, as I don't want to take the risk.
    Othewise great.

  • 2nd Visit in two Months to our New Vacation Destination of Choice.

    2nd Visit in two Months to our New Vacation Destination of Choice.

    by S3305JLjennifers on 2020-11-12 04:52 pm

    White Stallion Ranch, our New Happy Place.

    We couldn't stay away after our 6 night visit to White Stallion in September. We came back for Nine Nights this time in November and still left wanting more.
    You will wake up to stunning sunrises and can choose from numerous activities ,slow rides, fast rides, flat rides, mountain rides, wine and cheese ride, beer and Cheetos ride and my new favorite the all day ride that includes the Saguaro National Park. To be honest, the scenery of the ranch is indistinguishable from the National Park to my eye.
    My favorite things about White Stallion
    1. Safety is number one for all guests and staff. COVID has unfortunately added a new bench mark. Staff follow cdc guidelines, this includes meals. The ranch has numerous dining areas to choose from. Social distancing, is natural on the ranch for horse back riding. I work in health care and their cleaning standards and disinfection made me comfortable there.
    2. Excellent horsemanship instruction. Their Wranglers know the job and most importantly know their horses. I enjoyed hearing the back ground of the horses on the trail rides. My husband was a beginner who did shooting ranges, and archery while I did fast rides for the first half of our original stay on the ranch. We both took some group lessons offered almost everyday but never on Sunday, ( horses day off). The group lesson we found important to get to know our horse better and you can then take your fast ride test which is required prior to your first fast ride. Also, If available, consider a private lesson gave my husband the extra skill and confidence to try his first fast ride.
    3.Extremely well taken care of horses, well mannered, beautiful horses of all colors and sizes and able to accommodate all riding abilities. Gentle enough for children.

    4. The ranch atmosphere and staff are tops in the hospitality business, friendly and Accommodating.Family owned operated and visible on the premises, not to mention almost all of the rodeo participants are members of the True family or wranglers on the ranch. They are the kind of people you would like to call your friends.
    5. Amazing Scenery, I really enjoyed the desert vegetation, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and wild life but my favorite relaxation experience was just watching the horses interacting which each. Vacation here is as thrilling and exciting as you want to make it. Try a fast horseback ride, an adrenaline rush, mental challenging, rock climb or the team penning if you want more active vacation. Or go to the spa or hot tub, sit on their saddle bar stool and enjoy your favorite drink. Many choices to make. I especially liked waking up early enough to see the wranglers bring the the main riding herd into the corral every morning. This was another unforgettable trip to White Stallion Ranch, a top notch Dude Ranch.

    But my absolute number one favorite thing about White Stallion was my relationship with my horse, Dondo. I felt like he was my horse even if it was only 9 days, perfectly matched to my needs and abilities. Whatever system the use to match rider to horse they were spot on for me.

  • Best Vacation EVER!!!!!

    Best Vacation EVER!!!!!

    by lauradK8025RG on 2020-11-02 01:06 pm

    Best time ever, nicest people, lots to do for all. Real horse back riding, great food and the staff is beyond helpful. The pool is beautiful and you can really unplug and take a step back in time. I will be returning with the grandkids!

  • Best trip ever

    Best trip ever

    by cmdtraveller on 2020-10-17 07:51 pm

    This place is absolutely amazing. We stayed for five days on a family vacation. Every part of it was perfect. The rooms are charming, comfortable, with lots of space for a family. The grounds feel like a beautiful Spanish Pueblo with stunning gardens everywhere. The views are gorgeous in every direction as the ranch is backing onto saguaro covered mountains.

    The food was delicious, plentiful, and varied with lots of new menu choices every day. My kids were So excited to go check the menus in the morning and see what was in store so excited to go check the menus in the morning and see what was in store and it was always delicious.

    There were so many fun activities to choose from each day. We were focused on riding, and we were able to ride two to four times a day. We were each assigned a horse which we kept throughout the entire week. This allowed us to really get to know our horses and bond with them. But I watched closely and all of the horses were amazing. They were so well trained and dependable. We used them to separate cattle, gallup after A herd and chase the cows in pens, Race around on Desert trails all over the ranch During fast rides, and climb mountains to gorgeous views on mountain rides.

    That's what really sets this place apart: I expected to be stuck on some boring trail rides and instead there were so many riding activities to choose from and we were given so much freedom, it was a blast! We had a wide variety of riders and ages (8-14 for kids plus two adults) and each of us found a horse, and riding experiences that fit us perfectly. Often it would be just our family alone on the rides with a wrangler. Talk about a wonderful way to bond as a family!

    On top of that the wranglers are amazing. Jaleesha, Jonathan, Gabriel and Shania were the four we spent the most time with and they bent over backwards to make sure every riding experience was a blast. They knew our family by name and very quickly figured out how to give us the best experience possible.

    While the riding was the highlight for us, the evening entertainment was also wonderful. We saw an amazing trick roping/shooting stunt show, a desert critter show Where we all got to hold tarantulas, scorpions, chinchilla, and all kinds of amazing reptiles (my children LOVED it) and a campfire with a cowboy poet who entertained us with amazing music.

    This week is without a doubt one of the best family vacations we have ever had. It's no surprise that so many of the people we met at the ranch were coming back for the third or fourth visit. We will most definitely be going back again.

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