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  • Tour the world’s largest miniature wonderland at Northlandz. The tiny world on display features a huge variety of detailed miniature art, including replicas of real-world landmarks. The miniature world is 52,000 square feet (about half the area of a Manhattan city block) and showcases 400+ bridges, over 100 trains, eight miles of road tracks, 250,000 trees, and much more. Building this miniature world took 306,600 hours (about 35 years) of construction time and is an experience that will ignite all imaginations.

  • Take a train back in time with the New Hope Railroad. The operation of the railroad dates to 1891 and since then, it has become a landmark of the region. The journey begins in New Hope, New Jersey and travels through the scenic hills and valleys of Buck County. Passengers experience breathtaking views of streams, idyllic farmlands and iconic landmarks, transporting them to a bygone era.

  • Experience a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful countryside of western New Jersey, near the Delaware River. A-Lot-A Hot Air Balloon Rides offers flights that allow passengers to experience the views of Earth from a different vantage point. Forests, farm fields, and local wildlife like deer and fox can be easily spotted from up in the sky allowing passengers to see nature from a special lens.

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