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Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant: A Famous Historic Hotel In Kentucky
From Only In Your State

When it comes to historic accommodations in Kentucky, there are numerous options. From renovated Federalist homes and legendary family manors to fantastic castles and even old jails, there’s no shortage of historic accommodations in Kentucky. But the Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant might just be the most legendary. A member of Historic Hotels of America, this famous hotel in Kentucky is nothing short of incredible, full of character, history, and charm. The next time you’re looking for a unique and memorable getaway in the Bluegrass State, book a night at this famous historic hotel in Kentucky.

Tucked away in beautiful Berea, Kentucky, stands the stately Historic Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant. Located right on Main Street in the heart of Berea, Boone Tavern Hotel is a legendary and historic destination in Kentucky. You can't miss this eye-catching building, which has anchored the streets of Berea since 1909.

The Boone Tavern Hotel has welcomed guests for over a century and remains a popular overnight destination, as well as an award-winning restaurant. The hotel was built by Berea College, inspired by the wife of the college's then president. As the school gained popularity, they were welcoming more and more people to the town, and thus the beautiful hotel was designed and built.

While the hotel has undergone renovations and improvements over the years, the integrity of this historic hotel has always been maintained. As you approach the building, you'll notice the beautiful, wrap-around porch. This is a quintessential Southern feature, and while it's been renovated over the years, it remains as lovely as ever.

Known for its ornate decor and winsome beauty, the inside of the Boone Tavern Hotel is like stepping back in time. Inside this historic building, you'll be delighted by the charming old features, found everywhere you look. There's even a designated "history room" at this hotel, complete with a "who's-who" wall of famous people who have stayed at this iconic destination!

Inside the hotel's eponymous restaurant, the hardwood floor has been beautifully refinished, a stalwart against the often-unkind passage of time (and clanking diners!). Of course, when dining at a Bluegrass restaurant, a hot brown is a must... and the version here is absolutely spot on.

In a place with such a lot and storied history, there are bound to be a few ghosts lingering about. The Boone Tavern Hotel is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in Kentucky -- witnesses claim the basement of this century-old hotel frequently has paranormal occurrences. But you'll just have to go investigate that for yourself...

There's something so grounding about staying in a place with such great history. The historic Boone Tavern Hotel is an only-in-Kentucky destination you really must experience. Come and stay in this historic and beautiful piece of Kentucky history!

Discover the fascinating history of the Boone Tavern Hotel and book your stay!
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