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Discover the Alsisar Mahal, which was once the residence of a powerful feudal lord named Thakur.

Alsisar Mahal was constructed amid the intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated Europe in the 18th century.

Located in the village of Alsisar near Shekhawati, the Alsisar Mahal was once the residence of the Thakur. This powerful feudal lord ruled over Alsisar during the 18th century. Popular for its community of havelis (otherwise known as private mansions), the Shekhawati region captured the interest of the descendants of the Kachawa clan of Rajputs. This family subsequently renovated the historic Alsisar Mahal into the wonderful boutique hotel that exists today. The Kachawas are known throughout India for their renovations of historic private residences into amazing boutique hotels. Full of history, the Alsisar Mahal showcases the glorious past of Shekhawati, even surviving a bombing during the British rule. Today the palace stands tall, displaying wonderful fresco paintings in colors and intricate designs complementing the centuries-old architecture.

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