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Discover the Antica Dimora Suites, which were once the personal residence for a powerful Turkish dignitary during the 19th century.

Antica Dimora Suites was constructed amid the European embrace of art that championed emotion, individualism, and nature during the first half of the 19th century.

Built in 1820, Antica Dimora Suites was originally the personal residence of a wealthy Turkish dignitary until the downfall of the Ottoman Empire when merchant Chobitis Iosif purchased the estate for 110 golden pounds. In 1924, the wealthy Turkish man had left Crete for Mikra Asia before Chobitis Iosif paid the last 10 golden pounds he owed. A man of valor, Iosif and his family has since kept 10 golden pounds in a safety deposit box as a symbol of his debt. The former Turkish owner remained friends with Mr. Iosif and constantly praised his bond with the businessman to his family and friends.

In 2006, the grandson of the first Greek owner, Iosif Chobitis, envisioned a renovation and restoration project to convert the family residence into a luxury historic hotel as a tribute to its architecture and significant heritage. From oral testimonies, this marvelous historic building required 70 of the best builders and six years to complete. Since its conversion, Antica Dimora Suites has welcomed dignitaries and luminaries, including former Prime Ministers of Greece, Sofoklis Venizelos and Giorgos Papandreou.

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    Sofoklis Venizelos, Prime Minister of Greece (1950 - 1951) George Andreas Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece (2006 - present)"