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The gingerbread house of 2021 at the Beijing Hotel NUO is the replica of the hotel’s iconic heritage building, once known as Grand Hotel de Pekin. The house features the classic French-style façade and front gate with delicate details. The Beijing Hotel NUO was established in 1917 and is known as “the most luxurious hotel in the Orient” as well as the social hub for the high society in the 1900s. Through the windows of the gingerbread house, guests are able to peek inside and check out some of the historic pictures of the hotel’s interiors including the vintage-style rooms and the signature staircase. The concept is to present this legendary hotel in gingerbread and create a ‘time capsule’ to celebrate its rich and valuable history.

The recipe includes quite large quantities of ingredients to ensure all aspects of the masterpiece is complete.


Gingerbread Mix: 33 Pounds
Powdered Sugar: 22 Pounds
Egg Whites: 8.8 Pounds
Chocolate: 2.2 Pounds
Milk: 21 Cups
Honey: 8.5 Cups

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