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Discover Elkonin Tel Aviv Hotel – MGallery, which has hosted renowned intellectuals and politicians since the early 20th century.

Elkonin Tel Aviv Hotel is home to L’ Époque by Joel Robuchon. Robuchon was a master chef in the culinary world and his legacy lives on through his restaurants that have been established in his honor throughout the world.

L’ Époque by Robuchon: L’ Époque will be the first signature restaurant of the JRI (Joel Robuchon International) in Israel honoring the world-renowned chef. Joel Robuchon’s memory carries on a precious legacy as a master in the culinary. His chain of restaurants is open in 15 different cities and 13 countries. The Elkonin Tel Aviv Hotel continues his legacy through having the L’ Époque right within its doors and is an awaited favorite for guests.

*Dining facilities at Elkonin Tel Aviv Hotel are not certified Kosher. Contact the hotel for further questions.