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At the bottom of a hill, on a tripod with mailboxes on Hulebak, Engøveien takes off from the road to Ormelet and Hvasser, onto an arch with a sharp turn to the right. In the middle of the bend is a side road behind a small cliffs. Engøveien was built as a stretch along the sea filled with marine life. Before that, Old Engøvei was the connection to the Medo and Hønsø, who, like Engø have names from the days when there was water between them. Old Engøvei is built along a field and continues up a small hill leading to a courtyard where Engø Farm can be found.

Nearest Airport

Sandefjord Lufthavn Torp: 43.4 kilometers / 27 miles, 1 hour.

Hotel Address

Gamle Engovei 25, Tjome

Norway 3145

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