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Since its grand debut over a century ago, guests and staff alike allege that many unique spirits haunt the Fairmont Banff Springs. One such ghost is Sam McCauley, an elderly Scotsman who served as the hotel’s lead bellhop throughout the mid-20th century. Those who come across Sam indicate that he is incredibly helpful and kind, with some even stating that his spirit had actually assisted them. One famous tale involved two women who called upon the front desk for service after their guestroom key would not work. When the regular bellhop did not respond for 15 minutes, the two women walked back to their guestroom defeated. But then another hotel employee matching Sam’s description approached their door, who proceeded to unlock it. The bellhops staffing the front desk that night were stunned to learn that such a figure had manifested to help the two women! Other stories involve guests seeing Sam haunt his old office on the mezzanine floor, which is currently a guestroom. A few have even watched his ghostly façade materialized at various sports on the sixth, seventh, and ninth floors of the hotel.

Perhaps the most famous of those specters is known as “The Bride,” whose stories harken all the way back to the 1920s. According to the legends, a young couple once decided to get married at the Fairmont Banff Springs around the time of its initial opening. The bride looked beautiful as she descended down the hotel’s staircase that day, adorned in a gorgeous white wedding dress. Unfortunately, something unusual startled her greatly and she stumbled down toward the floor below. Some stories state that her heel caught the banister, while others insist that a candle nearby glanced off her clothing. Nevertheless, she perished during her fall. Countless people have since reported encountering a veiled figure gliding across the stairwell, her shadow billowing as if it were an ornate gown. Some have even seen an apparition in the ballroom upstairs who would dance throughout the space in a massive wedding dress. Many believe that it is the “Bride” who is still desperately waiting to dance with her beloved for the first time.

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