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Once the farm of wealthy businessman Christen Fretheim, Fretheim Hotel began operations in 1870 as a modest posting inn for visiting fisherman. Despite undergoing a series of expansions and renovations over the years, the Fretheim Hotel still possesses the quaint historic charm that made it attractive among the area’s locals more than a century ago. Today, Fretheim Hotel remains a popular retreat tucked away amid the picturesque mountains of western Norway’s Nærøyfjord. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors can gaze upon the fjord’s awe-inspiring scenery by means of a relaxing boat cruise.

An Overview of Fretheim Hotel

Experience the best of Norwegian nature and discover a facinating history of adventure at Fretheim Hotel.


Location Map

Experience the beauty of Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Discover the Swiss-inspired architecture of the Fretheim Hotel.


Explore the historic Bryggen in the heart of Bergen.


Experience the Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene in downtown Bergen.


Taste the seasonal menus at Restaurant Arven.

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