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Hacienda San Antonio Millet finds its beginnings with the ancient Mayans, when the area was known as Red Hill. The structure built within this area initially became a historic cattle ranch, Mul Chac, utilized until the year 1667, when it was next converted into a plantation.

As the 19th century came to a close, the Counts of Miraflores then took ownership of the Hacienda's structure, who named it San Antonio Peón. This new direction allowed for all of the property's refurbishments over time, including the renovation of the two main buildings, the construction of a glorious chapel, and restoration of authentic elements, including European and Medieval artifacts.

As time moved forward, the Hacienda was converted into a hotel, designated Hacienda San Antonio Millet. After several refurbishments, the hotel opened its doors to the visiting public. Today, Hacienda San Antonio Millet has welcomed a variety of travelers to delight in its authentic accommodations.

Hacienda San Antonio Millet, a member of Historic Hotels Worldwide since 2015, dates back to 1667.