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The story of Hôtel La Citadelle Metz - MGallery by Sofitel starts with a war fought between France and the Holy Roman Empire throughout most of the 1550s. During the war, the French king, Henry II, invaded the realm of the Holy Roman Empire and captured the city of Metz. He left a small garrison behind, who erected a series of imposing fortifications all over the city. The garrison continued developing its defenses, even after it had successfully turned back a gigantic army led by the Holy Roman Emperor. Among the structures the soldiers created was a massive citadel that overlooked Metz. Within its sprawling complex was a large warehouse called Le Magasin aux Vivres, which stored food for the entire garrison. The citadel continued protecting Metz long after the war had ended, standing as an ominous warning to any nation interested in challenging France’s military prowess. But with the advent of new military technologies in the 19th century, the French authorities considered the fortress superfluous and decommissioned it. The French government demolished most of the citadel, sparring only the warehouse and a few other buildings. After sitting idle for more than two centuries, Le Magasin aux Vivres finally became a small boutique hotel in 2005. Sofitel now operates the building as the Hôtel La Citadelle Metz, part of its luxurious MGallery Collection.

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Walk to the neighboring Palais du Gouverneur, the Arsenal, and the Basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains.


Discover the fascinating Renaissance-style architecture of Hotel La Citadelle Metz - MGallery by Sofitel.


Explore the Porte des Allemands just steps from Hotel La Citadelle.


Experience the historic beauty of the Metz Cathedral.


Taste the delicious local cuisine available at the historic Marché Couvert de Metz.

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