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• Experience Centre Pompidou-Metz. Dedicated to modern art, Centre Pompidou-Metz is a branch of the famous Museé National d’Art Moderne. The museum features three miraculous galleries that display some of the finest contemporary artwork in the entire world. Centre Pompidou-Metz also hosts dozens of theatrical performances and conventions throughout the year.

• Attend an outstanding theatrical performance at the Arsenal de Metz. This spectacular historic site has hosted all kinds of musical talent since 1859. Like Hôtel La Citadelle Metz, Arsenal de Metz occupies the former citadel site built during King Henry II’s war against the Holy Roman Empire.

• Tour the Musée de la Cour d'Or - Metz Métropole. Established in the early 19th century, the Musée de la Cour d'Or possesses rare Gallo-Roman and Medieval artifacts, as well as Fine Art exhibitions. With over 42 permanent galleries, visitors will need a whole day to see the Musée de la Cour d'Or.
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