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  • Discover the eclectic interiors inspired by the vibrant energies of Lisbon during the 1950s. Inaugurated in 1954, Hotel Lisboa Plaza was designed by local architect Lucínio Cruz. Immediately upon opening, the hotel received great acclaim for its inventive mix of modernity and tradition. Following a dedicated restoration process in 2015, the hotel has been restored to its former glory with its original parquet flooring and several antique furnishings. The introduction of a lighter color palette with pops of vibrant color creates a cozy yet exciting atmosphere for guests to relax and explore.

  • Peruse the hotel’s artfully displayed library. Portugal has a reputation as a bibliophile’s dream and it is home to many literary treasures, including the oldest bookstore in the world, Bertrand bookshop, which dates to 1732. Hotel Lisboa Plaza pays homage to Portugal’s literary heritage with its own curated collection of books. The library is guarded by two life-size brass sculptures of leopards and there are numerous spaces throughout the hotel for guests to sit and read.

  • Enjoy the warm Lisbon sun on the hotel’s spacious outdoor terrace. Carefully arranged shrubs and trees conceal the space, providing privacy without obstructing the wonderful views of Lisbon’s vibrant city center. Located on the fifth floor, the terrace is furnished with modern patio furniture including cushioned sofas, lounge chairs, and chaise lounges. There are also several high-top bar tables decorated with blue, white, and teal Portuguese tiles.

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