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Discover the Paris Bastille Boutet, which derives its name from a historic Parisian company named Maison Boutet.

Le Bar du Boutet
Le Bar du Boutet is a wonderfully quaint dining establishment that offers a tranquil refuge within which to unwind. As guests enter into the café, they will notice its fabulous wood-grain finishes that harken back to the building’s earlier days as a primer chocolate factory. And next to the venue resides its accompanying bar, which serves delightful cocktails that blend perfectly with its Art Deco style. Guests are certain to fall in love with Le Bar du Boutet’s delicious “Boutet” inspired hot chocolates!

But much more awaits at Le Bar du Boutet, too. Guests are encouraged to experience the French culinary tradition of le goûter, the afterschool snack. Served alongside hotel’s iconic hot chocolate, guests will enjoy feasting upon a sweet treat and a house-made madeleine. Comprising a hot beverage, orange juice, yogurt, a pastry and bread, guests may also enjoy the new kind of “express breakfast” served as the hotel. And patrons can sign up for a mixology class or savor one of the bar’s special cocktail of the month.