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Several outstanding meeting venues reside within the Hôtel Scribe Paris Opéra by Sofitel, which are terrific for hosting any occasion. The epitome of the hotel’s brilliant meeting venues are the two Salons Lumière: the Auguste Lumière and the Louis Lumière. Created from the genius of Jacques Grange, both room-types are fantastic for professional events where establishing an extraordinary first-impression is paramount. The Hôtel Scribe Paris Opéra also possesses two spacious meeting rooms that are well-suited for larger festivities. Guests interested in throwing spirited celebrations will be impressed with the ornate La Galerie de la Nouvelle Image. A beautiful art gallery adorned with the finest contemporary artwork, La Galerie is perfect for trendy, exciting extravaganzas. But over at the neighboring Le 1895, guests will encounter a more tranquil, refined space. This massive venue is in actuality the very room where the Lumière brothers debuted their fateful film in 1895. Due to its historical significance and sophisticated ambiance, Le 1895 has been a popular place for hosting elegant galas and dinner parties.

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