Høyevarde Fyrhotell

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The hotel is situated 15 minutes away from the airport, with Haugesund just 20 minutes away. Stavanger, Bergen, and the famous Norwegian fjord is just a couple of hours away.

Hotel Address

Hoyevarde, Havik

Other, Norway N-4265

Historic Hotels Worldwide Recommended Points of Interest

  • Arkeologisk Museum I Stavanger

    Arkeologisk museum i Stavanger

    Experience the history of the region at the Arkeologisk museum i Stavanger.

  • Breidablikk Museum

    Breidablikk museum

    Discover the landscaped grounds of this 19th-century English-style manor.

  • Fargegaten


    Explore the architecture of this historic neighborhood.

  • Flyhistorisk Museum Sola

    Flyhistorisk Museum Sola

    Discover the historic airplanes on display at the Flyhistorisk Museum Sola.

  • Gamle Stavanger

    Gamle Stavanger

    Explore the history of Stavanger within the Gamle Stavanger.

  • Norsk Barnemuseum (Norwegian Children's Museum)

    Norsk Barnemuseum (Norwegian Children's Museum)

    Explore the interactive exhibits on display at the Norsk Barnemuseum.

  • Norsk Oljemuseum (Norwegian Petroleum Museum)

    Norsk Oljemuseum (Norwegian Petroleum Museum)

    Discover the history of oil production at the Norsk Oljemuseum.

  • Norsk Hermetikkmuseum (Norwegian Canning Museum)

    Norsk hermetikkmuseum (Norwegian Canning Museum)

    Experience the legacy of the regional canning industry at the Norsk hermetikkmuseum.

  • Stavanger Domkirke (Stavanger Cathedral)

    Stavanger Domkirke (Stavanger Cathedral)

    Experience the Gothic-style architecture of this 11th-century church.

  • Stavanger Konserthus

    Stavanger Konserthus

    Experience a thrilling theatrical performance at the Stavanger Konserthus.

  • Stavanger Maritime Museum

    Stavanger Maritime Museum

    Explore the area's maritime heritage at the Stavanger Maritime Museum.

  • Sverd I Fjell

    Sverd i fjell

    Discover the legacy of the Battle of Hafrsfjord, which occurred in 872.

  • Tungenes Fyr

    Tungenes Fyr

    Experience the history of this coastal lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1828.

  • Vitenfabrikken (The Science Factory)

    Vitenfabrikken (The Science Factory)

    Explore the advances of modern science at the Vitenfabrikken.

  • Vålandstårnet


    Discover wonderful views of the surrounding fjords at this Victorian-era tower.

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