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The Spa at Kilkea Castle is a luxurious boutique Spa designed to create a relaxing, mindful environment focused on creating a unique enriching experience to nurture the mind and body. Treatments are performed in one of five purpose-built Treatment Rooms including a large couples suite for guests to enjoy a treatment with a loved one. There are seven Biotec facials to choose from: Anti Wrinkle, Firming, Resurfacing, Radiance, Blemish Control, Sensitive Skin, and a Men’s Facial. Each uses a specific cocktail of concentrated serums, plus a five-in-one facial machine that offers a combination of Ultrasonic, Micro-current, Galvanic, Oxygen and light Therapy to lift, smooth, brighten or purify all a person’s complexion needs. All treatments make brilliant use of ELEMIS products, the world’s premier spa and skincare brand

Kilkea Castle also offers a vitality pool within its magnificent spa facilities. This hydrotherapy pool has many features to allow for an unforgettable experience. The pool combines fine air bubbles and powerful water jets to massage the whole body. While one area of the pool has an air pad that offers an invigorating massage for feet, the other corner holds hydro jets that massages your legs and features a swan neck high-pressure massage for the neck and shoulders. A unique element in the thermal suite is a swim resistant area where guests can swim against a powerful current to achieve a vigorous hydrotherapy workout.

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