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• Taste some fantastic seafood from the English Channel. Be sure to try “marmite dieppoise,” (a native dish from nearby Dieppe), which is a seafood stew served in a casserole pan. A number of the town’s outstanding outdoor markets offer this delicacy daily, such as Halle du Marché.

• Enjoy a glass of Calvados when staying in Cabourg. This lovely beverage is an apple (or pear) brandy that is served all over the region. Delight in some Calvados at such places like the hotel’s very own La Promenade.

• Savor a delightful Norman food known as camembert. Camembert is a creamy cheese native to Normandy that has a consistency similar to Brie. Travel along the Camembert Cheese Trail and relish this wonderful treat firsthand.
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