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Discover the Mansion Merida On The Park, which was once the home of famed Governor Rodrigo Flores de Aldana.

Mansion Merida On the Park was constructed during an era marked by global exploration that defined much of the 15th through the 17th centuries.

Dating back to 1644, Mansión Mérida was the first two-story home in the Yucatán, and was owned by famed Governor Rodrigo Flores de Aldana. During the early twentieth century, the stunning mansion became the cherished treasure of Don Felipe G. Canton Pachon, who made the building as it does today. Following his death, the mansion was closed by Don Felipe’s wife and eventually rented out as the “The Union,” which was a popular social club. The people of high society would dress up and dance as a talented Yucatecan orchestra played beautiful music. The current owner’s mother inherited the business, who left the stunning mansion to her son, Don Raul Casares G Canton. As the current owner, he has invested heavily into restoring the building’s magical historic splendor. Now a memorial to Don Raul’s grandparents, Mansión Mérida has been converted into a luxury boutique hotel that truly embodies the rich heritage of the Yucatán.