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  • Taste traditional Hungarian dishes with pioneering flavor combinations at the Great Hall Restaurant & Lounge. A Hungarian culinary classic that can be found on this restaurant’s menu is Vadas Marha. Vadas is a catch-all phrase for dishes prepared with an orange-hued, sweet-tart sauce made from pureed root vegetables and spiked with mustard, lemon, and a little sugar. Though originally made with game meat, the Great Hall Restaurant serves it with slow-cooked beef. Enjoy this dish with a side of bread dumplings.

  • Indulge in a delicious serving of Goulash. Once the nourishment of herdsmen, this quintessential Hungarian dish consists of a paprika-laced broth piled generously with cubes of tender beef, potatoes, and small noodles. The goulash soup is actually a 19th-century derivative of an older dish known as pörkölt. Use the tableside hot paprika paste to adjust the spice level.

  • Savor the warm and comforting flavors of Hungarian chicken soup. Known as Tyúkhúsleves Újházi, the dish is actually a popular feature at Hungarian wedding receptions. The soup is stacked with a mountain of vegetables, including carrots, green peas, and mushrooms, and was originally made with capon instead of chicken. This reviving soup traces its name to Ede Újházi, a 19th-century Hungarian actor and lover of hearty stews. A frequent patron of Wampetics restaurant, the predecessor of today’s renowned Gundel restaurant, Újházi inspired the head chef to create this delicious dish for him to enjoy during his visits.

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