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Discover the Oatlands Park Hotel, which was once part of a grand estate that belonged to King Henry VIII of England.

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Oatlands Park Hotel, a member of Historic Hotels Worldwide since 2018, dates back to 1856.


The origin of the Oatlands Park Hotel hails back to a luxurious palace that King Henry VIII of England built for his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. While neither Henry nor Anne spent considerable time at the palace, later generations of English monarchs would call the place home. Kings and queens from Elizabeth I to Charles I visited regularly, all of whom invested heavily into the upkeep of the estate. In the wake of the English Civil War, Parliament temporarily confiscated the facility and sold it to Robert Turbridge. Turbridge then destroyed the palace for salvage, with the exception of a single manor within the complex. Control over what remained of the estate returned to the Crown during the 1660s. Many different nobles and aristocratic families occupied the manor for the next 150 years. The current iteration of Oatlands Park Hotel came into existence when the Duke of York remodeled the building in 1794. Due to the Duke’s extravagant lifestyle, the manor was sold upon his death to pay off his creditors. Different proprietors subsequently owned the home until the 1850s, once James Watts Peppercorne and a group of investors bought the building for use as a hotel. Then in 1856, the manor starting operating as the South Western Hotel under Peppercorne’s management. The magnificence of the building and its grounds enticed numerous celebrities to stay as guests, including Emile Zola, Fanny Kemble, and Edward Lear. At the end of World War I, the owners of North Hotels bought the building, who added on further additions during the 1920s and 1930s. Since 1986, Oatlands Investments Ltd., has operated the Oatlands Park Hotel, which was also designated a Grade II listed building by the Register of Gardens and Parks of Special Interest. This beautiful historic building has bee a part of Historic Hotels Worldwide since 2018.