Oscarsborg Castle

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Part of the historic Oscarsborg Fortress, Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort inhabits a small island located a few kilometers south of Oslo. The island itself is specifically situated within an incredibly narrow waterway known as the Drøbak Sound (Drøbaksundet), which has been used as a natural defensive point against foreign naval incursions for hundreds of years. The fortress itself was first constructed in 1848 and had defended the Norwegian capital city for more than 150 years. Its greatest moment came when its garrison sunk the Blücher during the German invasion of Norway in World War II. The Oscarsborg Fortress has operated inside this acclaimed Norwegian landmark since 2004.

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Take a day trip to Oslo to see Akershus Fortress, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Vigeland Sculpture Park.


Discover the historical character of the Oscarsborg Hotel & Resort.


Explore the Akerhus Fortress (Akerhus Festning) along the shoreline of Oslo harbor.


Experience the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset).


Taste some traditional Norwegian cuisine at the hotel's restaurant.

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