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Discover the Roros Hotel, which was originally the idea of Alf Skancke to save the local economy during the 1930s.

Initially conceptualized in 1935 by Alf Skancke, Røros Hotel was part of a grand strategy to provide a boost to the local economy due the decline of region’s copper industry. It would take many years for the Røros Hotel to open though, debuting in 1951 with 150 beds. The Røros Hotel became an overnight sensation and the neighboring businesses thrived with the heightened levels of tourism. After being hired in 1969, hotel director Knut R. Strøm and his wife Kristin decided to expand and purchase surrounding businesses, including restaurants cafe Kaffestuggu and restaurant Vertshuset Røros. This made for a uniquely all-inclusive experience for guests staying in Røros. Still impassioned by its original mission, Røros collaborates with regional partners who identify with similar core values: integrity, quality, and creativity. Today, Røros Hotel has expanded to several chains and maintains a high standard in providing warm hospitality and luxury accommodations.