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Discover the Rosewood London, which was once the historic headquarters for the Pearl Assurance Company.

Designed in Edwardian and Belle Époque-styles by H. Percy Monckton, the first phase of the building's construction was completed in 1914. It would take another 50 years for subsequent architects to finish Monckton’s work. Throughout this span of time, the building remained as headquarters for the Pearl Assurance Company. But under the supervision of English Heritage, the Pearl Assurance Company building was soon after transformed into one of London's most prized luxury hotels, Rosewood London. The renovators left many of the building’s principal features intact, such as the East and West Banking Hall interiors, as well as the Grand Staircase. This was done to ensure that the hotel retained its original historic charm when it debuted in 2003. Rosewood London's detailed restoration plans were as identical to the original structure as possible. Its guests can embark on a journey into the early 20th century when staying at the Rosewood London. This magnificent historical structure still features its expansive, central carriageway, as well as the Cuban mahogany that defines much of its brilliant interior structure. The legacy of the Pearl Assurance Company has not been forgotten, too. Three of Rosewood London's boardrooms were named in honor of Pearl Assurance Company chairman, and the building's facades and décor retain an essence of its original design. The architectural legacy of the building was not an afterthought, either. In fact, the renovation of the building allows for it to blend seamlessly into London's iconic cityscape. A member of Historic Hotels Worldwide since 2015, this fantastic holiday destination continues to be among London’s most prestigious vacation getaways.