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  • Experience the natural beauty of Gatun Lake, home to the popular game fish, the Peacock Bass. Constructed in 1913, Gatun Lake was the largest man-made lake in the world. It was created by the damming of the Chagres River, and a crucial part of the creation of the Panama Canal as its waters operate the Panama Canal locks each time a ship passes through. It spans some 470 square kilometers (or 180 square miles) and known for its preservation and beauty. Today, they are some of the last remaining untouched regions of in the world where native animal and plant species can flourish unscathed. The lake is also home to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

  • Interact with the various species of monkeys on a tour of Panama’s famous Monkey Island. Located on Lake Gatun, Monkey Island offers visitors an up-close experience with Panama’s diverse wildlife. The area is home to sloths, iguanas, crocodiles, and four species of monkeys: the Mantled Howler Monkey, the White-Faced Capuchin, Geoffroy’s Tamarin Monkey, and the Lemurine Owl Monkey.

  • Head downtown to experience Panama City’s numerous soaring skyscrapers which have become iconic features of the city skyline. Beginning in the early 2000s, Panama City experienced a large construction boom, with architectural marvels rising up throughout the city. One of the most striking is the F&F Tower in the city’s financial district, which resembles a giant screw.

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