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Discover St. Ermin's Hotel, which was originally a chapel founded in 1496 in honor of St. Ermin.

St. Ermin's Hotel was constructed during the historic reign of the United Kingdom’s famed Queen Victoria, who sat on the British throne from 1837 to 1901.

A Grade II-Listed Building by Heritage England, St. Ermin’s Hotel is among London’s most established landmarks. The story of its development is not an ordinary one though, as it revolves around a historical tale involving one very unique gentleman—St. Ermin. Although Welsh in origin, St. Ermin lived a simple life in the Brittany region of France. He spent his years there proselytize the locals, even going as far as to erect two monasteries in the area. But St. Ermin had a chance encounter with King Henry VII, when he saved him from a shipwreck in the Bay of Biscay. A chapel in downtown London was then constructed in 1496 to in honor of the monk.

As time moved forward and the structure eroded, the building was reconstructed to become the St. Ermin’s Hotel. In 1899, the structure was converted into a luxury hotel, which was soon to be prized throughout upon it grand debut seven years later. Exquisite theatre designer J.P. Briggs crafted the meeting and event spaces in an opulent Victorian fashion. Modern conveniences appeared at St. Ermin’s Hotel too, as such amenities like telephones were placed in each guestroom. The hotel quickly emerged as a notable spot for important public figures. A secret passageway was even located within the staircase of the hotel’s main lounge, as members of Parliament would use the corridor to intercept confidential phone calls from their contemporaries.

A vast array of historical events were also held at St. Ermin’s throughout its extensive history. One such story occurred when Winston Churchill visited the hotel for a monumental meeting in 1940. It was during this meeting that he created the Special Operations Executive, which performed clandestine operations of espionage in World War II. Throughout its entire history, St. Ermin’s Hotel has crafted a unique story all its own. Visitors today can experience its glory first-hand when staying at this prestigious holiday destination.

  • Famous Historic Guests +

    Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister (1940 – 1945; 1951 – 1955) Roger Moore, renowned actor best known for his reprisal of secret British agent James Bond. Peter Sellars, celebrated theatre director known for his unique operas and plays. Diana Dors, renowned actress known for her roles in Yield to the Night and Tread Softly Stranger. Elizabeth Taylor, celebrated actress known for her roles in Cleopatra and The Taming of the Shrew.

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